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Lease Equipment To Conserve Working Capital & Increase Cash Flow!
Eight Out of Ten Companies Lease Some Or All of Their Equipment

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We Lease & Finance

Business Computers, Networking Equipment, Office Equipment, Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Printing Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Security Equipment, POS Equipment, Telecom Equipment, Machine Tools, Construction Equipment, and more >>



Our Mission

To build on a tradition of providing custom equipment finance options:

     ●  To help our equipment vendors           increase sales.

     ●  To help our end-users increase           cash flow, productivity, and           profitability.



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Our People

A company earns a reputation for excellence, but it's a company's people who enhance and maintain that reputation.  Capital Resources, recognizing the complexities and competitiveness of today's equipment finance market, has staffed the company with only successful, and seasoned equipment leasing consultants and asset finance advisors.

The result is a local equipment finance company with an experience base that is far greater than the twenty-five years each of its executives have been doing business.  What Capital Resources adds to this experience is a corporate culture dedicated to responsive, resourceful service, which results in lasting relationships.

At Capital Resources, unlike most equipment leasing companies or equipment leasing brokers, each equipment finance transaction or vendor leasing program is structured to take into account the individual needs of the client no matter how ordinary or exceptional they may be. The expertise of Capital Resources' people makes this process efficient, effective and, more often than not, innovative.

Our Profession

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